Show and Tell Photos

Joyce D. Toys for Tots quilts 

Cindy R finished this baby quilt and Hawaiian shirt quilt for a friend whose husband recently passed.

COVID 19 Finishes
Becky Shirer--For many years, I have meant to make a Tree-of-Life quilt inspired by the blooms and humming insects that appear each spring on my weeping cherry tree.  Life being at risk for many at the moment, this seemed the year for the tree-of-life to come to life in fabric, finally.  I think this iteration will be the first of a few attempts to capture what has been in my head.  I couldn’t stand thinking about it any longer and just started sewing.  So this was fast and maybe broke the logjam.  I certainly have enough fabric to keep going, so I hope to play some more.  The middle is a silk furoshiki square that I bought in Lancaster many years ago.

Cindy Alley-- "About a month ago, we lost our brother-in-law (my husband’s sister’s husband). We decided since she had been well quarantined as had we, that we could go see her in Ohio for a few days. While we were there, she and I made this memorial T-shirt quilt. (Ben was an Ohio State gymnast and huge fan). Sharon hasn’t seen the back yet, which included all her helpers (five cats and a dog)."\
Cindy Alley Quilt Front

Cindy Alley Quilt Back

Leslie Demmert--"I like star quilt patterns and I only do scrappy from Scraps and Skeins.  Most of my quilts are small because I get bored easily and I want to do the whole thing myself on my home machine.  Meandered. This is 36'x42". 

December 2019 Holiday Party
November 2019 Evening Meeting
Joyce Robinson, Assistant Director, Palmer Museum of Art

Julia Kasdorf, poet and Professor of English at Penn State

Judy Ray, bag lady!

Claire Amick’s yo-yo Christmas tree, promoting the ornament exchange for the December guild meeting

October 2019 Evening Meeting

Judy Ray enjoys her Round the World pattern (1)

Judy Ray enjoys her Round the World pattern (2)

Judy's Cathedral Window

Judy Ray enjoys her Round the World pattern (3)

Judy Ray enjoys her Round the World pattern (lots more)

Enjoying the meeting