Ruby Celebration of 40 years as a Guild

Invitation to our Ruby Celebration, 40 years as friends and quilters from Cindy Alley, Suzanne Kerlin, and Becky Shirer

Becky Shirer cutting the celebratory cake. (photo by Susan DeMetrick)
Barb Zeger embellished her t-shirt (photo by Becky Shirer)

Becky Messing, Kathryn Miller, and Judy Ray serving up garlic bread and lasagne. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Claire Amick, Lorraine D’Angelo, Diane Focht, and Jill Aller. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Kathryn Miller and Fran Hrenko (photo by Becky Shirer)

Leslie's Sparkly Ruby Slippers (photo by Becky Shirer)

Suzy Alexander, Bobbie Muscarella, Pat Hock, and Sue Santalucia. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Becky Shirer and Suzanne Kerlin:  Dinner at last

Becky Trunzo and Leslie Demmert, outgoing presidents; Peggy Terry and Beth Brown, incoming presidents. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Ann Reede and Leslie Demmert checking the arrangement of Challenge Quilts.  (photo by Becky Shirer)

Judy Ray, Beth Brown, Tina Aumiller, Julie Rohleder, and Lenore Clarke making sure quilt stands are stable. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Barbara Zeger adjusting Challenge Quilt entries.  (photo by Becky Shirer)

Leslie Demmert, Judy Ray, Jill Aller, Suzanne Kerlin, and Cindy Rutschky setting up quilt stands. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Julie Rohleder and Peggy Terry hanging quilts.  (photo by Becky Shirer)

Karen Powers, Becky Trunzo, and Leslie Demmert enjoying a laugh.  (photo by Becky Shirer)

Long-time members Betty Knouse and Marge Reeder.  (photo by Becky Shirer)

Tina Aumiller and Susan DeMetrick sorting quilt labels.  (photo by Becky Shirer)

Joyce Dalzell and Cindy Rutschky welcoming everyone to the party. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Tina Aumiller, Peggy Terry, Julie Rohleder, and Susan DeMetrick setting up stands for a fabulous quilt show. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Judy Ray adjusts a quilt stand. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Marge Reeder, Suzy Alexander, Betty Knouse, and Nancy Silverman (photo by Becky Shirer)

Carrie Fala and Lynn Springer (photo by Becky Shirer)

Jane Brown and Mona Hill (photo by Becky Shirer)

New and original guild banners, quilts, cake, and slide show set the stage. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Peggy Reed, Suzy Alexander, MaryLou Pepe, Patricia Jackson, Margaret Mullin, and Lenore Clarke. (photo by Becky Shirer)

New Co-Presidents, Beth Brown and Peggy Terry. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Suzanne Kerlin welcoming all to the celebration. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Centre Piecers and some of their quilts at the 40th Anniversary celebration. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Alfreds Futterkiste

Becky Trunzo and Leslie Demmert presenting Lenore Clarke with the President’s Award for exceptional service to the guild during the current year. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Leslie Demmert offering tokens of appreciation from the co-presidents to their “hero” helpers. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Quilters enjoying the party. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Barbara Zeger and Karen Powers presenting Becky Trunzo and Leslie Demmert with roses and blocks made for them by guild members to commemorate their term as co-presidents. (photo by Becky Shirer)

Challenge Quilts 1 (Photo by Becky Trunzo)

Challenge Quilts 2 (Photo by Becky Trunzo)

Challenge Quilts 3 (Photo by Becky Trunzo)

Challenge Quilts 4 (Photo by Becky Trunzo)

Challenge Quilts 5 (Photo by Becky Trunzo)

Quilt Show Entry Form (by Cindy Alley)

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