Monday, June 26, 2023

3rd Wednesday Home

 Pine Hall Lutheran Church has agreed to host our 3rd Wednesday gatherings on a permanent basis.  Thank you FranH for shepherding this through the process.  The space is bright, with easy access, and has lots of chairs and tables for us to work with. 

So, 1:-3:00 at 1760 W. College Ave/

July has JudyR showing us an easier way to make Hidden Wells.

August will be NancyS, LeslieD, and KarenP working on fabric collage in several styles.

September BeckyT (BLT) amd LeslieD will play around with building fabric backgrounds in the style if Ricky Timms, and others.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Summer UFO Kitty Challenge

Summer UFO Kitty Challenge contract is here.

Make a goal and a plan to work on a UFO this summer. Bring it to the September 12 evening meeting for Show and Tell. The goal may be to get the flimsy done, or to get it to the long-armer, or maybe just to get to instruction number xxx. 

Write out the contract and place it and your $5 in the Kitty at any meeting or gathering.

If you have accomplished this goal by Sept 12 evening meeting, you’ll get your $5 back. If not you will forfeit your $5 to the CPQG Kitty. Any money left in the Kitty at the end of the September 12 meeting will go to the general CPQG programming fund.

Please remember, this is all for fun. There are no quilt police in CPQG. If you need encouragement or motivation to get this quilt moving, perhaps this challenge will do it for you.

You may join this challenge anytime but the end date is fixed. Please leave this contract and your $5 with the kitty.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

40th Celebration photos

 We have a new page to collect 40th Celebration photos.  Send your best photos with a caption to Leslie. Go to the menu and click on Ruby Celebration to see the photos.  They view better on a lap or desk top rather than a phone.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Comfort Cover / Toys for Tots Collections

 Collection days for Comfort Covers & Toys for Tots will be Saturdays, July 8 & October 7 this year. The drop-off point is Pine Hall Lutheran Church, 1760 W College Ave, State College, from 10-12.   Many thank-yous to those who have contributed time and thread to these projects.  

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Wednesday Day Meeting - June 21 - Four Blocks become Five

 We will be meeting at Pine Hall Lutheran Church, 1760 W College Ave, State College, at 1 PM for a demonstration by Sally R of 4 Blocks Become 5 Blocks.  Come join us for some fun and learning!  This is one technique that's difficult to Google - try it!

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Tuesday Evening Meeting - June 13th - Ruby Anniversary Celebration!

 We will be having our 40th Anniversary Party on June 13th from 5-7 PM at Good Shepard Catholic Church, Grays Wood Blvd, Port Matilda.  If you haven't already, contact Becky S to make reservations.  

The party includes catered dinner and a quilt show by members, including our Ruby & White Challenge.  Did you make something with 39/40 pieces plus the printed patch?  There's still a little time to finish!