Sunday, February 23, 2020

Quilting Skills Development Award

Quilting Skills Development Award
The Guild Board will maintain and manage a scholarship/award fund for Centre Pieces Quilt Guild sponsored workshops. The scholarship is to cover only the registration workshop or class fee. Pattern fees or items to be purchased from a supply list are the responsibility of the applicant.
Guild members in good standing who have registered for a workshop may apply for the award by filling out chance slips available from the Vice President or Treasurer. The chance slip will contain contact information only. Applicants give permission to the Guild to use their name and project picture for publicity purposes unless the member specifically requests to remain anonymous.
If a member in good standing would like to attend the workshop but cannot afford the workshop fee, the member should talk privately to the Vice President or Treasurer about the scholarship. The Vice President and Treasurer have the discretion to award the funds in this instance. This conversation will be kept in the strictest confidence.
The amount of money that is available for scholarship/award is determined by the amount the Board agrees to put into the annual budget for this purpose. The budgeted amount will include donations made by individuals for this purpose. Once the budget is determined, it is at the discretion of the Quilting Skills Development Award committee to grant the scholarship/award within the available funds.
Applicants must be in good standing of the Guild. (i.e. having paid their dues.) A member may be granted this scholarship/award once per Guild fiscal year.  The Quilting Skills Development Award committee will consist of the Vice President, Treasurer and one other Guild member, not on the Board. If award has not been accepted by a member on a basis of need the award winner will be drawn not less than 2 weeks prior to the workshop by a disinterested person.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Remember: No February Guild Meetings, but start planning for March.

The Groundhog said we will have an early spring!!! I do hope he is right! 
Finish up your winter projects and bring them to the March, Tuesday night, Guild meeting, (March 10th 7-9pm) for show and tell!
We are also planning on extra time for show and tell for scrap projects too.  We will have a short demonstration – “Let’s get scrappy! and then please bring any projects you have made with scraps to show us. 
Last but not least we will have some “March Madness Bingo”. There will be new prizes and “like new” prizes that have been donated.  If you have any donations (tools you don’t need, fabric you don’t want, etc.) please get it to Cindy Rutschky or bring it in a bag to the guild meeting.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Pennsylvania Barn Quilt Trails

From the Rhoneymeade  FaceBook page:
We are thrilled to announce the winner and runner-up to our Barn Quilt Competition!
The winning design "Seasons of Rhoneymeade" by Amber Wiewel will be painted as part PA State Grange Family Festival this July.
The runner up design "Delectable Mountains" by Jessie Aller will also be painted and installed this summer.
Many thanks to our creative community members who submitted designs - it was hard to choose! Our two finalists showcased not only gorgeous designs, but they also incorporated specific honored aspects of Rhoneyemade: agrarian roots, history, tranquility, creativity.
Both quilts will be registered as part of the Pennsylvania State Grange Heritage Quilt Trail and will welcome and inspire visitors for many years to come.

Map to several barn quilt trails in Pennsylvania
Fulton County -- The Frontier Barn Quilt Trail
Franklin County -- Barn Quilt Trail
Cumberland County -- Quilt Barn Trail