Sunday, February 9, 2020

Pennsylvania Barn Quilt Trails

From the Rhoneymeade  FaceBook page:
We are thrilled to announce the winner and runner-up to our Barn Quilt Competition!
The winning design "Seasons of Rhoneymeade" by Amber Wiewel will be painted as part PA State Grange Family Festival this July.
The runner up design "Delectable Mountains" by Jessie Aller will also be painted and installed this summer.
Many thanks to our creative community members who submitted designs - it was hard to choose! Our two finalists showcased not only gorgeous designs, but they also incorporated specific honored aspects of Rhoneyemade: agrarian roots, history, tranquility, creativity.
Both quilts will be registered as part of the Pennsylvania State Grange Heritage Quilt Trail and will welcome and inspire visitors for many years to come.

Map to several barn quilt trails in Pennsylvania
Fulton County -- The Frontier Barn Quilt Trail
Franklin County -- Barn Quilt Trail
Cumberland County -- Quilt Barn Trail


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