Saturday, May 18, 2024

Memorial Day Quilt Display - Boalsburg - St John's United Church of Christ

 There will be a display of quilts at St John's United Church of Christ in conjunction with the Boalsburg Memorial Day celebration.  Take some time from your visit to the fest to view the many quilts by members of the Centre Pieces Quilt Guild.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Wednesday Daytime Meeting - May 15 - Cathedral Windows

 Come join us at Pine Hall Church for a class on Cathedral Windows.  See prior blog post about materials and prep.  Members who took the class at Hoover's will be demonstrating the techniques involved.  We meet from 1-3 PM and look forward to seeing you there!  Don't forget your Sew & Tell!

Tuesday Evening Meeting - May 14th - Round Robin of Techniques

 The May Tuesday evening meeting will be an opportunity to see some different techniques and ideas:

            *Crumb Borders – BeckyT (Need for your Challenge Quilt!) 

             *Foundation Paper Piecing – ViolaS 

             *Collage – LeslieD 

             *Flying Geese/Patch Block - Various techniques – LynnS

Come join us at Blue Course Community Church.  Social time starts at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7 PM.  Bring some Sew & Tell - we love to see what you are working on!

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Giving vs taking

 Dear Quilters,

Why do you send your check to CPQG every year?  How big would the hole in your calendar and heart be if there was no CPQG?  Where would you get your quilting inspiration and accolades?  What would replace your guild?

Have you met new friends at meetings?  Have you learned new skills?  Have you stretched your abilities at and away from the sewing machine?

So now the big ask:  What can you offer CPQG?  Do you have a favorite pattern (remember JudyR and Hidden Wells? Or BeckyT and her team with Quartered Stripes and Charms on Point? Or BobbyM and One Block Wonder Kaleidoscope?, SallyR and 4 to 5?) and so many others?  Do you have a collection of antique sewing tools or quilts or anything of interest to this group? 

The Programming Committee works hard to deliver afternoons and evenings of interest, but they need you. What can you share with your friends?  If you have an idea we’ll help elaborate and include more people in the presentation.  For instance, Leslie has her great-grandmother’s gold thimble, new in the box (Oh my! were her fingers tiny.).  Who has some cool old scissors, or a needle case, or just a story about who showed you how great sewing is. 

Don’t always be a taker; giving time, talent, and ideas is a wonderful gift


Friday, May 3, 2024

Supply list for the Cathedral Window Tablerunner workshop


The following is the supply list for the Cathedral Window Tablerunner workshop scheduled for Wednesday, May 15th.

You will need 24,  5 inch squares for the base of the tablerunner.  Medium and dark colors work best because you will need contrast between the background squares and the “windows”.

You will need 32 light colored 5 inch squares for the windows.  Each square needs to be folded and pressed on the diagonal.

Finally, you will need 8 focus squares, also 5 inch, they will be surrounded by the light colored windows.  These squares should provide some contrast to both the background squares and the light colored folded squares.

Additionally you will need a piece of batting and backing.  Each of those should measure about 30”x22”.  You will be quilting this project as you construct it.

You will also need a sewing machine, thread and basic sewing supplies.  Extension cords would probably be helpful.