CPQG Challenge/Mystery Quilts

2019-2020 Challenge Requirements:
  1. Must be an average of 30" or more per side    (NOTE: The size requirement has been dropped from the 2019-2020 Quilt Challenge.  You do not need to make your project an average of 30" on a side.  This opens up the tote bag or wall hanging (among many) option.)
  2. Must show obvious use of the challenge fabric
  3. Must have top, batting, and backing, and be quilted
  4. Must have a finished edge
You may:
  1. Use any technique, style, or design
  2. Purchase more fabric from StitchYour Art Out. Cynthia has put the 2 Challenge fabric selections away for us until Sept 30. The dark selection is called "atmosphere" by Robert Kaufman in the  Stargazer line of fabrics.   
Mona Hill is our leader on this. Judy Ray will assist. She will have our fat quarters that we ordered and paid for at the September Meeting, or you may make arrangements to pick up your order on a Tuesday at QBs. If you did not order the Challenge fabric at the June meeting but would like to join the Challenge, please mail Mona your $3 per fat quarter and your choice of colors.


The 2019 Orphan Block Challenge was introduced at the September 2018 evening meeting. If you participate by providing an orphan block for the exchange, you will receive your assigned orphan block at the December Holiday Party.

This year's challenge is to make a quilt (wall hanging, pillow, tote, etc) incorporating the orphan block you received and show it at our Guild picnic in June 2019.

Introduction and Pre-Challenge Step Details

The Results of the 2018-2019 Challenge

Polly covered a premade shopping bag and finished it in September. 
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