CPQG Challenge/Mystery Quilts

2020-2021 Challenge by Karen Powers

My Town

Recently, the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show held their annual show virtually. One of the collections shown was a guild challenge where members were asked to create a “My Town” quilt. When you think of “My Town”, what comes to mind? My town can be somewhere in the Centre region. But it can also be reminiscent of:

-where you grew up

-where you went to college

-where you worked your first job

-your favorite vacation spot

-where you lived when you got married

-the town where your grandparents lived when you visited them at Thanksgiving or in the summer

-the town where your children were born

The list could go on and on. So again, where does your imagination go when you think of “My Town”?

For this challenge there are no requirements other than your piece must have a label on the back (or inside) that references the challenge, what town or area you picked, and why you chose the town or area. Your quilt or quilted item can be pieced or appliquƩd, traditional or modern, realistic or abstract, embellished or not!

Hopefully, we’ll have a June picnic in 2021 where your creations will be revealed.

2019-2020 Challenge Results  (See below for the two fabric options we were to use,)
Claire Amick--I absolutely fell in love with the flower fabric in the challenge and as you can see from the pic I really did not want to cut any of it!

Carrie Fala--Machine quilted by Tracey Kennedy. Approx. 50 X 60  Grandson has claimed it as his.
Lynn Springer--I can say that challenge was a good name for this activity. The end result is probably Plan E or F... didn’t know where I was going with it until I got there. And of course I didn’t start working on it until I was unable to get more of the focus fabric. The rest of the piece came from my trusty stash, and the math needed to get everything to fit was sketchy, lots of trimmingšŸ„“, But I can say that I am pleased with the end result!

Nancy Silverman--THE BIG BANG
 As I look back on all the challenges that I have done for Centre Pieces over the years some of them are my favorite wall hangings.   Why, I always tried to challenge myself to try something different. This time I used the 9 degree wedge and small scrap pieces in random sizes not a pre planned pattern and off set the center.  Naming it THE BIG BANG  (37 by 37 inches) I then realized that the first stars didn't form until 400 million years after the big bang but I already had the label sewn on so I kept the name.

To wanted to  challenge myself during these stay at home times and I took an online class using Collage with Susan Carlson.     I had fun making SPIRAL (23 x 23 inches) using both of the challenge fabrics and many other scraps.
Tina Aumiller--Well, I finished my challenge during the beginning of the quarantine!  I used the Chrysanthemum fabric and cut it up small!  I made 3" finished log cabin blocks for this table runner. It's quite 'spring-y' and I am very happy with how it turned out. I love the purple polka dot material and I think it really sets off the challenge fabric.

Karen Powers--The wall hanging is an adaptation/scaled-down version of a RaNae Merrill pattern called “Beyond Horizons”. It is about 26” x 38”.
The circles in the body of the wall hanging are machine appliquĆ©s (not my favorite thing to do).  And the smaller circles trailing into the top and bottom borders are covered buttons (very fun to make!).

Fran Hrenko--Called “Plan B”; Size 36x38 inches
The vision was “tumbling blocks”. Found pattern “non-Y” on internet....
Cut all the challenge fabric and coordinating fabric, sewed sections together.... wrong measurements.... Found a similar celestial at Joanne’s (as Cynthia was out...).... cut and sewed half of fabric.
Ya Da... looking good. Cut remaining fabric, somehow reversed the angle... now nothing worked and we are out of all 3 fabricsšŸ¤¦šŸ»‍♀️....
Assembly was a “challenge “....
And using all that was left: Ta Da....
Tumbling and reverse tumbling blocks.....
This reinforced my belief to buy more yardage than u think u need!

Leslie Demmert--Neither fabric was in my usual colorway so I really had to work at this challenge.  Luckily Scraps and Skeins had fabric in just the right colors so go with the Chrysanthemum.  I had done a large (6" finished blocks) blue Patches of life and enjoyed it so I decided to do a 4" variation with 4-patch center instead of 9-patch.  Bonnie Hunter says if you still don't like the fabric, cut it smaller, so I did. The triangle in a square is the chrysanthemum fabric that the challenge required.  I like it now.
I outlined each white triangle to quilt it on my home machine.  It's 44"x52".

Judy Ray

2019-2020 Challenge Requirements:
  1. Must be an average of 30" or more per side    (NOTE: The size requirement has been dropped from the 2019-2020 Quilt Challenge.  You do not need to make your project an average of 30" on a side.  This opens up the tote bag or wall hanging (among many) option.)
  2. Must show obvious use of the challenge fabric
  3. Must have top, batting, and backing, and be quilted
  4. Must have a finished edge
You may:
  1. Use any technique, style, or design
  2. Purchase more fabric from StitchYour Art Out. Cynthia has put the 2 Challenge fabric selections away for us until Sept 30. The dark selection is called "atmosphere" by Robert Kaufman in the  Stargazer line of fabrics.   
Mona Hill is our leader on this. Judy Ray will assist. She will have our fat quarters that we ordered and paid for at the September Meeting, or you may make arrangements to pick up your order on a Tuesday at QBs. If you did not order the Challenge fabric at the June meeting but would like to join the Challenge, please mail Mona your $3 per fat quarter and your choice of colors.


The 2019 Orphan Block Challenge was introduced at the September 2018 evening meeting. If you participate by providing an orphan block for the exchange, you will receive your assigned orphan block at the December Holiday Party.

This year's challenge is to make a quilt (wall hanging, pillow, tote, etc) incorporating the orphan block you received and show it at our Guild picnic in June 2019.

Introduction and Pre-Challenge Step Details

The Results of the 2018-2019 Challenge

Polly covered a premade shopping bag and finished it in September. 
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