Sunday, June 25, 2023

Summer UFO Kitty Challenge

Summer UFO Kitty Challenge contract is here.

Make a goal and a plan to work on a UFO this summer. Bring it to the September 12 evening meeting for Show and Tell. The goal may be to get the flimsy done, or to get it to the long-armer, or maybe just to get to instruction number xxx. 

Write out the contract and place it and your $5 in the Kitty at any meeting or gathering.

If you have accomplished this goal by Sept 12 evening meeting, you’ll get your $5 back. If not you will forfeit your $5 to the CPQG Kitty. Any money left in the Kitty at the end of the September 12 meeting will go to the general CPQG programming fund.

Please remember, this is all for fun. There are no quilt police in CPQG. If you need encouragement or motivation to get this quilt moving, perhaps this challenge will do it for you.

You may join this challenge anytime but the end date is fixed. Please leave this contract and your $5 with the kitty.

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