Sunday, April 21, 2024

It’s important.

 Dear Quilters,

April is for showers and flowers but it’s also time for you to nominate someone (yourself or a friend, or both) to take on a few leadership tasks for the Guild.  Over the past several years we have found it’s much more fun, and significantly easier, to share this work as a team.  Gather a friend or a not-yet-friend and volunteer to work on the programing committee as a vice president, take minutes at meetings,  collect membership information for the next edition of the Green Book, be a Member-at-Large (not a large member but a support person for the Board), coordinate Toys for Tots collections, or any other job, task, or work you see a need for.  Be a 20%-er who makes the Guild a delightful, supportive, and joyful quilter’s dream, not part of the other 80%.  Long-time members are important for continuity, but new members are just as important and welcome and urged to join in on the leadership fun.  Being on the Board means you are in the know and you get to steer its direction, not into bridges or aground but into new horizons and techniques.

Go to our website under Board Business for more information in each position. Let one of the current Board members know of your interest.

It’s important.

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