Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Two QBs changes

We are unable to meet at St. John’s on April 23rd due to the room being used for election duties.

We're planning to use that time for a Quilty road trip and lunch.  The itinerary is Connie’s, Country Beefers, Traditions, Zimmerman’s and Mary Koval.

Two of these shops are closed on Tuesdays, Connie’s and Mary Koval, however , they may be amenable to a special appointment if we can promise them a certain number for shoppers.

 We need both shoppers and drivers. This will be an all day trip from approximately 9am until late afternoon.  We need time to arrange the logistics so please let BarbaraZ know as soon as possible if you are interested in either shopping, driving or both.

Also, April 16-19 is our QB Spring Retreat so we will not meet at St. John's on Tuesday.  All QBs are invited to drop by the retreat at Motel 8 during regular QBs time.  

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