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The Centre Pieces Quilt Guild is an organization to promote a full appreciation of quilts and quilting through sharing, teaching, and fellowship.  

A little Centre Pieces History....
On April 20, 1983, Cindy Houlch, Cindy McNab, Jody Crust, Dorothy Milhelic, Jean Smith and Gloria Braun met for the purpose of forming a National Quilting Association Chapter in the Central Pennsylvania area. Violet MacMillan (another of the founding members) was unable to attend. Gloria Braun suggested the name Centre Pieces and all others agreed. February 20, 1984, a formal petition was made to National Quilting Association (NQA) to form a chapter to be known as Centre Pieces and Chapter #238 was created.
In 1988, the Guild held a "Logo Contest" and member Pat Hock's design won. Our logo has remained the same to this date.
In 2001, the Guild established the Renaissance Member Award. This award is a lifetime membership to the Guild to honor a member that through a number of years has served the Guild in many ways. Someone who encourages the passion for quilting and helps to foster goodwill between the quilting community and community at large. Violet MacMillan, one of our founding members, was the first recipient of the award. Jean Smith, Betty Knouse, Gloria Braun, Nancy Silverman, Diann Dunham, Louise Fox, Claire Amick, and Becky Shirer have been awarded the Renaissance Award since then. Sadly, Violet and Gloria have passed away and are missed dearly.
From that initial group of quilting friends, the Guild now boasts a membership of almost 100,

What we're up to today.....
Our guild year runs September through August [no meetings are held in January, February, July, and August], having both evening and day meetings for each month, except December and June, when we have joint meetings.
All of the other months have both evening and day meetings to accommodate everyone's schedules as best as possible. Our evening meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of each month from 7pm - 9pm usually at the Mount Nittany Middle School Library. There may be some changes in the dates due to scheduling with the school, so be sure to click on our Programs tab to check the dates and location.
The day meetings are generally held the third Wednesday of each month from 12:30pm - 3pm usually in the Transfer Station Interpretive Center. There may be some changes in the dates or locations, so be sure to click on our Programs tab to check both the dates and locations.

Each evening/day meeting begins with a half-hour of informal time to socialize, review recent literature/mail received by the guild, and of course to sign up for the door prize! This is followed by a brief business meeting to pass on important information and announcements to our guild members. We then have a program - a speaker, demo, slide show, etc. - and the meeting ends with the fabulous member Show and Tell.
Because we have almost 100 members in the guild, name tags are a necessity, so be sure to have your name tag with you when you attend the meetings.
Each year we publish a handbook and member directory which we refer to as the Membership Book. It is an information book that lists all members' contact information, the Guild's By-laws, interest groups, and other useful information.
The yearly dues for the guild are $35.

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