CPQG By-Laws

Approved June 11, 1996 
Last Amended July 20, 2016

The Centre Pieces Quilt Guild is an organization to promote a full appreciation of quilts and quilting through sharing, teaching, and fellowship.

Membership is open to any interested individual. Annual dues shall be $35.00 paid in full each July. Dues will be payable as of July 1st and must be submitted by August 15th for inclusion in the Greenbook. The Guild’s Fiscal Year shall be July 1st through June 30th to coincide with the officers' terms of office.

Guild meetings shall be held monthly from July through June omitting January and February. Locations and dates of meetings shall be arranged by the Executive Board.

Officers shall be elected and assume their duties at the June meeting for a one-year term.
The President shall preside over Guild meetings and Executive Board meetings.
The Vice President(s) shall coordinate programs for Guild meetings.
The Secretary shall record the minutes from Guild Board meetings, Executive Board meetings, and record any results of votes taken at combined meetings.
The Treasurer shall record the dues and pay bills approved by the Executive Board.

Executive Board
The Executive Board shall be composed of the five elected offices with voting power. The Board will consist of President, Vice President (Day), Vice President (Evening), Secretary, and Treasurer. The immediate Past President(s) shall serve for one (1) year without voting privileges. Board meetings are open to all members of Centre Pieces Quilt Guild.
The members of the Executive Board are expected to be in attendance at every Board meeting. If unable to attend, the member should notify the President. Each interest group shall send one non-voting member.

Standing Committees
A Chairman for each of the following committees shall be appointed by the President:
Publicity, Hospitality, Nominating, Newsletter, Exhibitions (as needed), Hearts and Hands, and Scholarship.

Notification in the newsletter of proposed By-Laws changes is required before By-Laws can be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a Guild meeting.

Board Job descriptions
Download them descriptions here.

Workshop Scholarship Fund (Under consideration for revision; to be voted on at the October Meeting)
  • The Guild will maintain and manage a scholarship fund for Centre Pieces Quilt Guild sponsored workshops.
  • A committee of three (3) Guild members who are approved by the Board, but operate independently from the Board, will manage the fund. The Scholarship Fund Committee members are selected according to their ability to be discrete, keeping all committee business strictly confidential, even to the point of the Treasurer not knowing the names of the individuals who are receiving the award.
  • The scholarship is to cover only the registration workshop or class fees. Pattern fees or itees to be purchased from a supply list are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • The scholarships are awarded based on financial need. The amount of money that is available for scholarships is determined by the amount the Board agrees to put into the annual budget for this purpose.
  • The budgeted amount will include donations made by individuals for this purpose. Once the budget is determined, it is the discretion of the Scholarship Fund Committee to award the scholarships within the available funds and according to how well the criteria are met.
  • Applicants must be members in good standing of the Guild. An applicant may receive only one award per Guild fiscal year. Application should be made no less than one month prior to the date of the workshop to enable sufficient time for the Committee to evaluate applications. The scholarship form will require a statement from the applicant that describes their financial need so that the Committee may have a basis to determine eligibility.
  • The names of the Scholarship Fund Committee members will be kept confidential except to the Board, which approves them. A Scholarship Application Form that shows the criteria for award will be published in the first newsletter of each year. The availability of the Scholarship Fund will be announced at the day and evening guild meetings when a workshop is offered.

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