Thursday, December 31, 2020

Centre Wildlife Care

 Centre Wildlife Care

Do you hate to throw out the multitude of little fabric scraps you accumulate with every project? Or old T-shirts that are beyond their use? A local organization is happy to put them to good use. Centre Wildlife Care will turn them into bedding for their injured, orphaned, sick and displaced wildlife with the goal to release them back into the wild.

All your little corners, triangles and snips of fabric that are too small to be reused are welcome. Also collected is paper you run through your shredder, or even just the paper itself. Just do not mix the fabric scraps with the shredded paper… please keep them in separate bags.

Jill Wisniewski is willing to serve as a collection point if you have any of these materials to drop off.

Consider checking out the website at Centre Wildlife Care - Wildlife Rescue - Port Matilda, Pennsylvania and see the Wish List of other items they can use… perhaps you have a fish tank collecting dust or left over pet food of any kind.

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