Sunday, February 14, 2021

2020-2021 Centre Pieces Quilt Guild Challenge “My Town” Musings from Karen Powers

I’m stuck.  In 1968, my family moved from Allentown, PA to Essex Junction, VT.  My dad accepted a new job with IBM and I was going into my sophomore year of high school.  Big changes! But this small town is where I graduated from high school and met my husband of 45 years. How do I represent this 1968 village in a quilt?

In rows?

In a circle?

Realistic, primitive, wonky?

Outside looking in or inside looking out?

What colors should I use?  For Vermont, should I use fall or winter colors?

Lots of decisions!

Here are some links to quilts I found on the internet that have wowed and inspired me.  I hope you find some inspiration in these links as well.

Also search online fabric stores using keywords such as town, city, village, landscape, farm, beach, mountains, or lake to see representative fabrics.

Google or check Pinterest using the same keywords above adding “quilt”. For example, village quilt or beach quilt.

We are all looking forward to seeing your challenge creations later this year!

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