Sunday, January 31, 2021

Ruminations 1

 Now that we’ve been through almost a year of non-social quilting (and everything else), how have your views of our quilt guild changed or been modified? Is the guild purely social with the glue holding us together quilting and love of pretty fabric? Is the social part as important as learning new techniques and getting ideas from members? Is the confirmation and affirmation we get from show and tell and petting  pretty fabric that other people have found the most important benefit to guild membership? Were lectures and demonstrations by experts we pay to visit us the most disappointing hole in your guild year? 

How important to you and to the mission of the guild is community service? (Comfort Covers, Toys for Tots, Operation Shoebox/ditty bags for service members) Others: mastectomy pillows, chemo covers, women’s crisis, homeless shelter support, more. Local or nationwide? What speaks to you?

Have you been a member for so long the hole in your monthly routine was the disappointment? It had little or nothing to do with quilting, fabric, or friends? 

How much did you miss the June picnic and the December party?  (enough to help run them; what picnic? What party; I just missed the food. 

What if we had day meetings in even months (Feb, April, etc) and evening meetings in odd months (January, march, may etc)? Our parties are in even months and during  the day.  Or, what if we had member demonstrations and community (charity) sewing as the program for day meetings and lectures as we’ve always done at night.  What else?

Do you Zoom? Do you Facebook? Do you MeWe?

Please let us know your ruminations, thoughts, musings, and plain old opinions by email or text, or if you’d prefer to be anonymous, by USPS.  

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