Sunday, March 7, 2021

Ruminations 2

 Have you learned to live without the guild so there’s no need to revive it?  

    a) I probably won't join again. 

    b) Whatever. 

    c) I'd miss it terribly. 

How important is the guild newsletter? 

    a) I seldom read it.

    b) I get some info but "meh". 

    c) I find something interesting or important in most issues. 

When do you think you’ll be comfortable with in-person (masked, distanced) meetings? 

    a) When the president/other government official says it's safe  

    b) When my dr gives me the ok  

    c) When most/all people in the meeting  have been vaccinated  

    d) In 2022

    e) I'm good now. 

Talk to me, Quilters.  Don't let a few people run your hobby. Let's do it your way.


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