Monday, April 11, 2022

Tuesday April 12 Change of plans


Well, we’ve had our share of April Fools jokes in the programming department.  Our Tuesday and Wednesday speaker, Joyce Hughes, had a significant health issue and has cancelled/postponed her programs with us.  So….

April 12, 2022 6:30, South Hills School of Business (behind the YMCA) 480 Waupelani Drive

Since we haven’t had any Show and Tell in a long while, please bring your finishes and almost finishes, and any problem quilts you would like help with.  We’ll spread them out on tables and our quilt racks at South Hills and have a great walk around.  Bring your Guild Challenge in progress, too. 

We’ll also have a business meeting so come with lots of ideas for the new Guild year. 

Elections are coming up:  how do your skills and interests align with Guild needs?

And finally, we’ll play some Bingo and clear out the gifts and prizes you all donated last summer from Karen’s sewing room. 

You are the program of the month.  Come, enjoy some long missed socializing. 6:30 at South Hills School of Business.  If you need a ride, please let Becky Trunzo know.

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