Friday, August 18, 2023

Comfort Covers / Toys for Tots Update

 Due to all your efforts we are distributing to 6 area Senior Residence Communities, The Meadows, the Youth Services Bureau, a nursery school, and Toys for Tots: 

    Small lap 15 (4 Crochet, 11 quilted)

    Lap 28 (13 Crochet, 15 quilted)

    Bed Topper 14 (4 Crochet, 14 quilted)

    Walker bags 5

    Other: 1 pair child mittens

    Toys for Tots: 18 (3 Crochet, 15 quilted)

    The next Collection date will be October 7, Pine Hall Lutheran Church, from 10-11 (Note the time change!). It really helped speed the process by having your covers sized. Please, no covers smaller than 40x40. Laundered items are preferred to remove pet dander, "carrying around the cover while working on it" soil, and for quilters--- to check seam/ binding integrity and fabric bleeding.

    September 19 at QBs and the 22nd at UFO Fridays there will be sewing sessions to make Dignity Protectors, fidget quilts and walker bags. Bring your sewing machine and BSS (Basic Sewing Supplies). These are the items most requested by the Senior care facilities. The patterns are on the website, and will also be available at the sewing sessions. Lenore has some kits available, if you want to have a head start.

    The Embassy at Hearthside has requested a larger fidget quilt for their Life Engagement area, 36-40 ish inches. Putting on my nursing cap, these were called reality orientation boards, in my day. If anyone would like to work with me on this special project, please let me know.

    The ladies of Comfort Covers will also be donating $65 to the Pine Hall Church for the use of their space on our collection days. Thank you for all your contributions in labor, time, creativeness, and cash.

    If you are affiliated with a faith or service organization that provides items similar to what we make, please let LenoreC know so that we don't duplicate efforts. On the other hand, if you know of a need that Comfort Covers could fill, please share it with the group. We are aware that a church provides hats, sweaters, and mittens for Park Forest. Another church makes fleece blankets for the dialysis center.

    We call them fidget quilts. Some call them touch quilts. Here’s an interesting article about how beneficial they are.

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