Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Congratulations to new Board and best wishes to our retiring Board

CPQG Board for 2019-2020
President Lizzy Taylor (She will be looking for a co-President)
Day Vice President/Program Planner (need a nomination)
Evening Vice President/Program Planner Cindy Rutschky
Secretary Jane Brown
Treasurer Brenda Hameister

We thank Sue SantaLucia and Barb First for their 2 years of CPQG leadership, Susan DeMetrick and Pat Lutz for their wonderful program planning as vice presidents, and Joyce Snider for making sure our bills were paid on time as our treasurer. Jane Brown will be staying on as Secretary; we thank her for that service.

In other CPQG news, Membership voted to reduce meetings to 8: September, October, November, December (joint), March, April, May, and June (joint).  Summer meetings were poorly attended because of vacations, and winter meetings were too often impacted by weather.
Membership also voted to remove the financial need requirement from the workshop scholarship.  The Scholarship Fund had never been used, so the Board recommended this fund be used as an incentive to attend workshops.  Any member may win this incentive once a year by signing up for a workshop.  Winner will be randomly drawn from attendees.

The outgoing Board voted to recognize Bobbie Muscarella as Renaissance Member.  This is a lifetime membership to the Guild to honor her many years of service to the Guild.  She has encouraged a passion for quilting and helps foster goodwill in the quilting community at large.  Ten members are Rennaisance Members.  Bobbie was president of CPQG from 1993-95 and organizes QBs.
The Board also recognized Leslie Demmert with the Presidents' Award, a one-year membership to the Guild for exceptional service during the Guild year.  Leslie manages the newsletter and is now your webmaster.

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