Sunday, June 21, 2020

Webmaster's July Challenge: Just how "creative" can we get to face the public?

Are you getting tired of making utilitarian CDC/WHO standardized masks? Change it up a bit for a Webmaster's July Challenge.  Make a mask that's fun, perhaps utilitarian or not, but mostly fun.  Make it personalized (think Best Grandma), glitzy with jewels, feathers, and sequins, scary, historic (think Plague Doctor), for Halloween, FastNacht, or Mardi Gras, for children, patchwork. Anything goes.  Use whatever you have available, fasten it however appropriate.  Just have fun with a mask for once.
Send a picture to to be included here whenever you get it finished. No deadline.

Leslie Demmert--Nothing says, "I'm a quilter" like an orphan block mask.  The red were flying geese left over from 2017 Guild Challenge. The HST etc were just left over. 

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