Sunday, October 4, 2020

2020 Challenge

 Recently, the Sisters OutdoorQuilt Show held their annual show virtually. One of the collections shown was a guild challenge where members were asked to create a “My Town” quilt. When you think of “My Town”, what comes to mind? My town can be somewhere in the Centre region. But it can also be reminiscent of:

-where you grew up

-where you went to college

-where you worked your first job

-your favorite vacation spot

-where you lived when you got married

-the town where your grandparents lived when you visited them at Thanksgiving or in the summer

-the town where your children were born

The list could go on and on. So again, where does your imagination go when you think of “My Town”?

For this challenge there are no requirements other than your piece must have a label on the back (or inside) that references the challenge, what town or area you picked, and why you chose the town or area. Your quilt or quilted item can be pieced or appliquéd, traditional or modern, realistic or abstract, embellished or not!

Hopefully we’ll have a June picnic in 2021 where your creations will be revealed.

Karen powers is our lead on this project. 
See this as a pdf.

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