Monday, May 24, 2021

CPQG Challenge 2021 – quilt label ideas

The 2021 Centre Pieces Quilt Guild “My Town” challenge reveal is just around the corner!

The one requirement for the challenge is a label that references the challenge, what town or area you picked, and why you chose the town or area.

The internet link below provides lots of ideas about what information to include on the label and how to create the label:

Information you may want to include on the label:

-your name as maker
-quilter’s name if item was quilted by someone else
-the name of the quilted item if you gave it a title
-the town where the quilted item was created
-the year the quilted item was completed
-recipient’s name if your quilted item will be a gift
        -the name of the pattern and pattern creator if pattern is not original
        -washing and care instructions

Those of you with embroidery modules as an accessory to your sewing machine may want to search online for videos to help you make an easy (or complex!) machine embroidered quilt label.

Another idea is to search online for information about how to use freezer paper and fabric or pre-treated fabric sheets to print a quilt label using your ink jet printer.

Easy labels can also be printed free-hand using a permanent archival marker or pen. Or you can hand embroider a label.

Other ideas include using project scraps or an orphan block when creating your label.  

Let your creativity shine!

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