Sunday, December 5, 2021

Zoom practice and refresher

 All you need to do to prepare to Zoom is download and install the Zoom app. At the meeting time, hit the link we send to you, sit back, and talk to us.

If you prefer not downloading anything, you can go to Zoom and click on the “Join meeting” tab. If you do this, you’ll need the meeting ID and passcode listed for each meeting.

These practice sessions will be fun and informal. If you want to take pictures of your latest quilts for Show and Tell, we will work out how to share. We played with backgrounds, funny faces, reactions, and other buttons on the Zoom screens. We’ll laugh together and explore this ubiquitous technology.

If you are uncomfortable Zooming on your computer or phone, perhaps you can phone a friend and Zoom together. Contact one of your board members for more help.

You don’t want to miss our winter meetings.

We have scheduled 2 Zoom practice sessions:

Dec 7 at 7:00 Meeting ID: 872 8160 7416 Passcode: 300579


Dec 8 at 1:00 Meeting ID: 865 5090 2032 Passcode: 188645

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