Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Destash Sale at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church, August 26-7

    Our Lady of Victory Catholic Daughters has scheduled a sale at the OLV Activities Center for August 26-27. (9-2 Friday/9-1 Saturday are the hours). They will "rent" out tables to our members for this sale. The fees are $15.00 for one day and $20.00 for two days for an 8' table space. They will advertise it as a yard sale, but of course, any advertising sellers can do among sewing friends is recommended.
     Seller gets all money after paying table rent. Guild gets nothing and takes no responsibility for anything.
    Full payment is required. Checks made payable to CDA . Contact Pat Hubler 8l4-466-87l2 to reserve your table .
    Seller is responsible for setting up and taking down according to OLV rules and restrictions. Setup is allowed on Thursday, August 25, time to be announced. Tear down cannot begin before 1:00 p.m. on Saturday (unless special permission is given by Pat Hubler).
    Seller is responsible for setting prices and collecting money. All yardage should be marked with amount and price (a la Scraps & Skeins). Quilts, kits, fabric yardage, pre-cuts, and scraps, and sewing notions may be sold. Seller may split table with friends and may sell for friends.

Have nothing to sell?  Come pick up a few new items!

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