Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Special Workshop - Barn Quilts - September 17

 There will be a special workshop to make Barn Quilts on September 17, 2022.  Painted on wood with exterior paints, these colorful quilts adorn the sides of barns & garages and also porches, gable ends, and any other structure on your property!  Choose your pattern and pick you colors and sign up beginning at our August evening meeting!

Here is one Julie Rohleder made for the garage at her bed & breakfast in Vermont.  It is 2 foot square.  The pattern is from an antique quilt made by Sarah Fitch in Connecticut who was a cousin to the man who built the house that became the Fitch Hill Inn in Hyde Park, VT.  The replica quilt hangs in the stairwell of what is now a private home.



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