Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Comfort Covers and CPQG

 Comfort Covers is an organization that was started 23 years ago. Over the almost quarter of a century, Comfort Covers has distributed about 15,000 covers to north central Pennsylvania. They are called covers because quilts, knit and crocheted afghans, fleece blankets, flannel receiving blankets, and more are welcomed. The mission was to give every child in hospital a quilt or cover to take home and to give every quilt and blanket maker a place to send their covers. That’s still a mission we can identify with. 

Mary Watson has been the leader, but she is ready to retire. CPQG has been asked to take over collecting and distributing the covers. There is a robust system in place to deliver quilts and blankets to Lewistown Hospital, Penn Highlands in Huntingdon, Miners’ Hospital in Hastings, The Meadows in Centre Hall, and several other places.

We will be discussing the future of Comfort Covers at our October evening meeting.

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