Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Wednesday Daytime Meeting - 1 PM - State College YMCA - One Block Wonders

 Bobby M will be demonstrating One Block Wonder Quilts.  These are a version of “Stack and Whack” quilts using 6 panels that are stacked into layers and then cut into equilateral triangles to make hexagons. They involve purchasing 7 panels; 6 to “stack and whack” and one to actually use in the quilt, framing it with the hexagons made from the stack and whack process.

Take a look at some of the websites above and see if you think this might be something you might be interested in making. My presentation will be just a lecture, not a workshop. But if some of you are interested in making one, we can organize a workshop later in the spring.

Watch for sales of panels. Check out some online sources of panels such as: Panels -

Hancock’s of Paducah: Fabric Panels for Quilting | Hancock's of Paducah (hancockspaducah.


Amazon: : fabric panels for quilting

Fat Quarter Shop: Fabric Panels - Shop for Quilting Panels & Fabric Panels for Sale | Fat

Quarter Shop

Quilted Twins: Quilt Panels (QP) (

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