Sunday, June 16, 2024

2023-2024 Presidents' Awards to FranH and LynnS


PeggyT presentsLynnS and FranH 2024-25 Presidents' Award

They are the best of friends, like sisters joined at the hip, making two brains work as one.

From the very beginning (meeting at QBs) this team thoughtfully pitchs in to help others pin quilts or help with whatever was needed.

They are always ready to lend a helping hand when they notice a job needs to be done and have been known to finish duties that others are unable to complete, with no (or little) thought to the inconvenience.

They have a willingness to obtain/purchase, donate, and make supplies and party favors. Remember the cute thread catchers?

They are idea people who make ideas come alive.

They have created and supported programming opportunities for the Guild and have dug deep into their creativity to use our programming budget carefully.

They prepare food supplying foods for those with dietary concerns when they run picnics, luncheons, and anniversaries.

While making our Guild a better place for all of us, these women continue to sew beautiful quilts, share techniques they have learned, and invite quilters to take advantage of opportunities like classes, retreats, and new patterns.

Both like to shop for quilt fabric, find new quilt shops and “show and tell”. If you go with them, be sure your bank account is full because there’s nothing they like better than to spend other people’s quilt money as they encourage stash improvements.

They have always supported the Guild board and offered to head committees or take Board positions

And most importantly, these two ladies are genuinely nice people: positive, upbeat, who bounce back from occasional mishaps with flexibility and a sense of humor. 

Thank you, Fran and Lynn, for sharing your talents and love of quilting with us.

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