Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Kitty Challenge (AKA Summer UFO Challenge) Contract

 It's not too late to join the fun and get a UFO knocked out.  Start now and at the next meeting bring this contract and $5 to make it official.  

I, _______________________________, plan to work on the UFO described below this summer. I will bring it to the October 8 evening meeting for Show and Tell. Describe quilt (i.e. color, approx. finished size, what is left to do, pattern name, how long has this quilt been in timeout or been maturing, etc.) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Describe goal by the October 8 evening meeting. (i.e. Ready to send to long-armer, quilted/bound, something else, etc.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If I accomplish this goal, I’ll get my $5 back. If I have not accomplished the work described above, I will forfeit my $5 to the CPQG Kitty. Any money left in the Kitty at the end of the October 8 EVENING meeting will go to the CPQG Programming fund.

FINE PRINT: It is acceptable to Kitty to show your work at the September 18 Daytime meeting to have your fee refunded.

Please remember, this is all for fun. There are no quilt police in CPQG. If you need encouragement or motivation to get this quilt moving, perhaps this challenge will do it for you. You may join this challenge anytime, but the end date is fixed. Please leave this contract and your $5 with Kitty.

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