Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Toys for Tots update

Toys for Tots is very grateful for all the quilts we have made.  The totals are the following:   

 Large size for Girls 17

 Large size for Boys  6

 Medium Size for Girls 15

Medium Size for Boys 20

Baby Size for Girls. 13

Baby Size for Boys. 12

Baby Unisex. 14

Toddler Unisex. 14

    The GRAND TOTAL is  111 quilts.  THANKS to all the quilters, knitters and crocheters who made the loving items which will wrap and keep kids warm this winter.

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO DIANE GORSKI!!! Thanks, Diane for your help in sorting, counting and bagging quilts. I always feel like Santa in his stuffed sleigh when I drive my car full of bags of beautiful quilts to the Penn Stater.      Jill Wisniewski


Six more quilts didn't make it into Jill's sleigh but will be added to a Toys for Tots drop site with CPQG lablels. for a grand total of 117 quilts for 2023. 

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